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ROBLOX GAME DESIGN Live Virtual Camp 06/12-06/16/2023 - 9:00AM-10:30AM PST

Welcome to Roblox Studio

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Please click on this file Roblox Launcher, to install Roblox studio or visit

 How to Install Roblox
Watch this if you need help installing Roblox Studio. 
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 Roblox Camp 6/12/2023-6/16/2023 Zoom Link
Lesson 1
 Lesson 1.1

Learn to open a world and move around it. 

 Lesson 1.2

Add objects to your world.

 Lesson 1.3

How to play your world?

 Lesson 1.4

Move objects using the Move Tool.

 Lesson 1.5

Resizing Objects 

 Lesson 1.6

How to Rotate objects?

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