Distance Learning Guide for Families

Distance Learning Guide for Families - Part 1

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Here are a few tips that may help families start off the new school year on the right foot and get the most out of distance and hybrid learning.

  1. Establish Routines and Expectations
    It is important to develop good habits from the start. Create a flexible routine and talk about how it’s working over time. Chunk your days into predictable segments. Help students get up, get dressed and ready to learn at a reasonable time. Keep normal bedtime routines, including normal rules for digital devices. Adjust schedules to meet everyone’s needs, but don’t default to staying up late and sleeping in (However, a ‘Lazy Day’ now and then can be a treat).


  1. Choose a good place to learn
    Your family’s regular learning space for occasional homework might not work for extended periods. Set up a physical location that’s dedicated to school-focused activities. Make sure it is quiet, free from distractions and has a good internet connection. Make sure an adult monitors online learning. Keep doors open, and practice good digital safety.

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